The fastest way to activate your healing energy / Qi-HEAL Qi Gong and Bodywork Class / Yokohama Japan

2 minutes' walk from Gumyoji station(Municipal Subway)

案内図 Go out the exit 2A and head north. Turn left at the watch store shown in the picture. Then turn right at the next intersection.

8 minutes' walk from Gumyoji station(Keikyu)

案内図 Go out the exit to the right. Go down a slope. Walk along Gumyoji shopping street. Turn left at MELU CAFE which is near the subway station. Then go 150m further.


外観 Please park at a pay parking near the office. There is one near the exit 2A of the station. Please be careful that there are one-way traffics around the office.
The picture shows the appearance of the office.

Address / Map

Yokohama-shi Minami-ku Nakajima-cho 4-81-5

The same place as Gumyoji Chiropractic office

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