The fastest way to activate your healing energy / Qi-HEAL Qi Gong and Bodywork Class / Yokohama Japan

The fastest way to activate your healing qi energy

Qi gong class Qi-HEAL reveals the secrets for activating your qi healing energy.
You feel the benefit from excercise much sooner than conventional qi gong class.
Basic qi gong course is programmed to learn the way to fill your body with healing qi energy.

Qi-HEAL is for anyone interested in improving health, being rejuvenated, and developing your talent.

In particular, masseur, bodyworkers, and martial artists benefit from Qi-HEAL because it includes the secrets for improving their skills.

Feedbacks from a participant

I felt energy flows all through my body during a class. I love the unique breathing technique that makes me feel the qi . (Mrs S)

I have worked as a therapist for sevral years. I learned using internal power is very important for enhancing the effect of a therapy. I'm not sure such an important matter is taught anywhere else. (Mrs K)

Phylosophy behind qi gong

Body and mind as one

Qi gong is based on oriental phylosophy. But most qi gong classes just teach physical movement. Qi-HEAL is programmed to have you experience the relationship between your mind and body.

Follow your physical sense

If you stand with the least tension, you are relaxed and feel like you are taking a rest. But few people are relaxed when standing.

Many people misunderstand that the body relaxes when they don’t have to pay attention to the physical sense , for example, when leaning on a wall.

Actually, the body relaxes when you pay attention to the physical sense. This is one of the secret of body-mind relationship.

System for your fast growth

Small class (up to 4 persons)

The number of participants is limited to four so that I can teach every participant in detail.

Lesson on-demand

Lessons are not scheduled but held upon request. Please make a reservation at the contact page.